Jean S. Gross is Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Re-Logistics. She has a strong financial management background. Her Healthcare roots include positions with Johns Hopkins University Hospitals and the Baltimore City Department of Health. She holds a BS from Towson University. Contact Ms. Gross:




Matthew J. Gross is President of Re-Logistics, Inc. He is a trained engineer and attorney, with a background of over 30 years in the private sector, working in operations management and executive capacities for large U.S. manufacturing corporations. He holds a BS from Cooper Union, a MS from Yale in Engineering and a JD from UB School of Law. Contact Mr. Gross:




Charles E. Fernald is Chief Financial Management Consultant for Re-Logistics, Inc. His expertise, based on over 20 years as CFO for a major company in the transportation industry, includes business valuation, asset deployment, funding and capitalization. He holds BS (Notre Dame) and MBA (Drexel) degrees in Business Administration. Contact Mr. Fernald:




Louis R. Croce is Vice President of Operations of Re-Logistics, Inc. His principal competencies include Marketing and Organizational Development, working for U.S. Multinational manufacturing corporations. Mr. Croce holds a BS degree from the Philadelphia University, where he served on the faculty for many years. Contact Mr. Croce by Phone: 1-678-455-5200, or E-mail:





Nancy C. Wilson is VP Strategic Initiatives for Re-Logistics. She has 30+ years experience maximizing capital asset value (Physical and Intellectual), especially during business restructuring, M&A, technology licensing, and joint ventures, working with both large industrial and consulting firms. She also has experience in strategic and financial planning and business performance assessment. She holds a BS in Engineering (Carnegie-Mellon) and an MBA (Harvard). Contact Ms. Wilson:




Jerry W. Rayburn is VP Healthcare Services for Re-Logistics. He served for over 20 years as a Resource Management executive with the 2nd largest US for-profit health system in the US. He is a leader in operations, electronic commerce, and information technology. Jerry holds BS and MBA degrees from University of Nebraska. Contact Jerry Rayburn:







Josepf Haslam is VP Global Recovery for Re-Logistics. He is a former director of international business for a large manufacturing corporation with 20 years experience in specialty chemicals and plastics. He is particularly expert in commerce of India, China, and the Far East. Contact Mr. Haslam:





Richard S. Troell is VP Construction Operations for Re-Logistics. He is a graduate Civil Engineer and a registered PE. He has over 30 years experience in managing large complex industrial projects. He has worked extensively in the Chemical, Environmental, and Petrochemical sectors. Contact Mr. Troell:





James H. Thornton is Director of Financial Management Services and Principal Financial Consultant for Re-Logistics. He is a former Hospital Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer with over 30 years experience in executive level positions. He holds a BS in Economics from Villanova University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Contact Mr. Thornton:




Joseph F. Virdone is Director of Marketing and Business Development for Re-Logistics. He has over 30 years of highly successful Marketing, Sales and Senior General Business Management leadership positions in the manufacturing and service sectors serving international markets, especially Chemical, Metalworking, Automotive and Steel. Contact Mr. Virdone:





Rear Admiral E.S. (Skip) McGinley, U.S.N. Ret., is Director of Naval Programs for Re-Logistics. Skip McGinley has had over 28 years of hands-on experience in all levels of industrial maintenance, repair, constuction and high-tech engineering, with annual budgets exceeding $10 Billion dollars. He served as Vice-Commander of NAVSEA, the Navy's largest engineering command. He holds a BS from the U.S. Naval Academy, as well as advanced Engineering and Management degrees from both MIT and George Washington University. Contact Adm. McGinley:




Lin Jones is Director of Field Services for Re-Logistics. He has over 20 years experience in managing and developing Investment Recovery and Recycling programs for Fortune 500 companies. He has worked extensively in the Petrochemical, High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing sectors. Lin is a Certified Manager of Investment Recovery (CMIR). Contact Mr. Jones:





Dr. Robert (Bob) J Kainz is Director, Life Cycle Management for Re-Logistics. He holds a BS Industrial Engineering, an MPH, Environmental Science, and Doctor of Science in Toxicology. Through his 20 years in the military, Lieutenant Colonel USA Ret. (US Army Medical Service Corps and Chemical Corps) and additional later years with a major industrial manufacturer, he is a recognized global expert in sustainable development, pollution prevention, and recycling as well as toxic exposure assessment, protective devices and detection instruments. Contact Dr. Kainz:






Nancy L. Spangler is Director, Assets Portfolio Management for Re-Logistics. She has over 15 years experience creating clear concise management information. She is skillful with the accounting, financial and management information systems used in Fortune 100 firms. She has completed doctoral coursework in Economics & Finance and has an MBA and BS/MS Chem Engineering. Contact Ms. Spangler:





Brenda F. Clayton is Director, Healthcare Services for Re-Logistics. Ms. Clayton is a leading healthcare executive consultant with expertise in healthcare cost containment, clinical resource management, materials and healthcare operations management. She holds a BS from St. Josephs College. Contact Ms. Clayton: